A Moment of Chaos

Sometimes I just need a single moment of chaos…of passion…of fire.

It’s like the feeling you get, standing at the top of a mountain staring down into valleys below as wind blows across your face.

It’s when you’re drunk at a party and desperately want to kiss the boy across the room.

It’s when you are standing at the edge of the high jump at your local pool and it is pouring down rain, and you leap into the water so blurry from rain drops that you can’t see your own hands below the surface.

It’s saying I love you to a lover for the first time, without knowing they will say it back.

It’s standing up and walking out in the middle of the big test.

Sometimes I just need a single moment to absolutely let go of all control. To remind myself that life is not monotony. To remind myself that I am not ordinary.

But the problem with losing control…is that the aftershock lasts longer than just a moment…and has a way of catching up to you.


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