I lay with my back against your threadbare towel, staring up at the endless blue and rolling white puffs. There was a hawk, or perhaps a falcon, circling high above us- weaving freely through the emptiness of space. I watched her from that distance, beautiful and free, so separate from the world and yet so elegantly necessary to it. I watched as she began to sweep lower, closer and closer to the earth until she was perched at a tree across the manicured lawn. She was, indeed, a falcon. She didn’t seem as beautiful now that she was so close, now that I could see her and she could see me- watching and observing. I had loved her before I had become a part of her universe. Now that I had entered her world, she was different. She wasn’t as elegant. She wasn’t as free.

I turned my head to look at you and remark on the bird and the sky and how funny it all was…but as soon as my eyes met yours I knew.

I knew that I loved you that same way.


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